I have a question, how can I speak to someone?

Please email Trapricornn@gmail.com, A response will be provided within 2 business days.


How many nails come in each kit?

10 nails for standard set , 24 nails in an all size set


Will these damage my natural nail?

No, the natural nail will not be effected by press on nails, but glue residue is possible and can be buffed off


Can I wash, swim etc. with these nails?

Yes, If applied properly press on nails can withstand water and slight pressure


Are these nails reusable?

Yes, Trapricorn nails are reusable


How do I remove them?

Please refer to the application and removal page


Can I alter these nails to my liking?

Yes! You are able to slightly file the nail bed area to achieve a truly custom fit!


How long will the nails last?

7-14 days with proper care and application


After my order is placed, how long will it take to be delivered?

All nail sets are made to order, please allow up to 1 week for processing. Once your order is shipped you will receive an email with tracking information.


How will I know what size to order?

Please refer to the “Find my size” tab on the home screen.


Can I order a custom design not available on the website?

Email Trapricornn@gmail.com with your inspiration picture, once your design is approved please place your order by selecting the “my design” option then send a follow up email with your order number.


Can you replace a lost nail?

Yes.  Please email  Trapricornn@gmail.com  with a picture of your nail, replacements are subject to a convenience fee of $5.00 per two nails plus shipping.


I'm worried that my nails are going to fall off! Any tips on how I can avoid this?

For extra security you may apply a nail primer solution prior to attaching your nails.