The I’m upset music video every Degrassi fan’s dream come true.

So tonight Drake released the video for his song “I’m upset” , and all I can say is….. Come through Jimmy Brooks!!


The nostalgia in this video is almost too much to handle! I’m a die hard Degrassi fan so I may be bias, but this video has made my entire sumer 18. If you havent seen it Please click the link at the bottom of this post and check it out.

So basically it opens when Drake (Jimmy) gets a reminder on his phone for his high school reunion and heads to Degrassi to turn up with pretty much the whole cast. The fact that the video was about a reunion and actually was a reunion was pretty dope. The only question I had was where the hell was JT ??? I mean I know he died on the show but damn! I wasn’t the only one who had this question, and lucky for us Drake was nice enough to answer it in his instagram comments. Drake replied to a comment about the missing cast member letting us know that “he thought it was a scam”, whatever that means.

Even with out JT the video is still epic AF and I cannot get the visual of grown up Jimmy and Spinner walking down the Degrassi halls. Not that I needed a reason, but after watching this video I’ll be watching Degrassi re runs all weekend, Ive even been inspired to do a post about  my all time favorite Degrassi moments ( comming soon) Watch the video and let me know what you think!

Click the link below to see the full music video !

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