Dear summer “19”

Sorry it’s been so long that you all have heard from me in this way. A lot has happened in the last couple of months, things that made me begin to question everything I was doing.

Life is crazy like that sometimes, you can think that you have a plan, but you know what they say…. ” If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans”

I had good amount of time to think about why I actually started this blog in the first place. I started it to be as transparent as possible in the hopes that someone will read the words that I write and be encouraged, inspired or possibly both.

There are so many things that we battle internally and it’s so easy to feel alone, or to feel like you are the only person in the world facing that issue. But I’m here to tell you that you’re not and that it does get easier. You just have to move forward.

That being said I feel like this is a good time to set my goals for this summer. I’ve learned that goal setting can make a huge difference in moving you toward your purpose.

Visualization is real y’all.

When we think of goals, the first things that come to mind are our Finances and careers, but it’s also super important, if not necessary that our goals include self care.

Goals for the summer

#1 Consistently work toward getting in the best shape of my life.

I’ve been changing my diet and working out for sometime now, but with my earlier schedule at work and Jay gone for the summer I want to go even harder. May my stomach be flat and my ass get fat.

#2 Make time for activities, just for me that spark my creativity.

I joke about staying in the house so I can get my money’s worth for the rent I pay, but in all honesty I need to get out more, see more, experience more.

#3 operate outside of my comfort zone

This one kind of goes with #2 but this also applies to trying new things and putting out content that I’m not exactly comfortable with

#4 Have all that is necessary for Jay And, I to start school in the fall by summers end.

It’s always my goal that Jay is fully ready for school when she gets back home from a summer with her father but this year I need to make sure that I’m ready too and I’m really excited about that.

#5 Become a better Lover

I know what you’re thinking… Noelle, you don’t have a man. But I don’t mean a sexual lover, I mean putting forth effort to make sure that I’m doing all that I do out of love. You’re blessings hit different when your intentions are pure

What are some your goals for summer “19” ?

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