Change Is a Good Thing



Ok so here it goes… All year I’ve been just writing what was on my heart, addressing topics from my life which I thought other people could benefit from hearing. Although I want to continue to inspire you with my personal life lessons, in the future the focus of the blog and my Instagram account will be changing. 

I want to focus on what I call Treasure hunt shopping and the art of making Opportunistic purchases. 

Basically I’m going to be showing you all my finds from different discount department stores mainly but not limited to: Ross, Marshall’s, Home goods because these are my favorites. 

I’ll be posting my finds, product reviews, and price comparisons to show you all how I maintain my Bougie on a budget lifestyle. It’s totally possible to have the latest health and beauty trends and even designer looks without going broke and I’m going to show you how!

With the website starting to go in a different direction I felt like it was time for a new logo. Hope you like it. New post coming later today!!!

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