“Alexa….. Play my love life.”

0E82FDC7-3AED-4E62-9214-0764086E73AEBecause I’ve grown a lot over the years I can admit that some of the hurt I endured in my past relationships was self inflicted. It’s too easy to blame others for problems that arise without taking a good look at our selves.

Heres a playlist that outlines My Love life and relationship patterns. If you can relate to this currently you may be in trouble, but I’m here to tell you it does get better. (more…)

5 Jobs With No experience Needed, that made Me Quick Money

When I first graduated high school, my daughter was a little under a year old. I had a roommate, but we l struggled to pay rent. I was attending community college full time and had not yet locked down a job that paid well. Before getting into banking I pretty much worked any job offered to make sure my bills were paid. Here’s a list of some ways I made money during an extremely broke period of my life.