5 beauty essentials make me look like I have it together.

One of my most constant struggles is trying to be a mom and still look good.  I developed a system that creates the illusion that I’m more put together than I actually am. Most mornings I am a disaster and, I wish I could blame it all on being a mom and having a million things to do, but the truth is I am just not a morning person. On the average morning I typically run so late, I get to a point where I just slow down and accept it. Honestly being late doesn’t  bother me, and if it wasn’t for the fear of losing my job and the image I get of me and Jay running behind some bus like Will and Jaden Smith in the Pursuit of Happiness I would do nothing to change it. Since I rather not be on the streets, here are a few things that keep me looking like I have it semi together in a reasonalble amount of time. (more…)