The truth about boys

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Stay away from those fast a** boys

That’s pretty much the extent of the “boy talk I received when I was my daughter Jay’s age. (more…)

“Alexa….. Play my love life.”

0E82FDC7-3AED-4E62-9214-0764086E73AEBecause I’ve grown a lot over the years I can admit that some of the hurt I endured in my past relationships was self inflicted. It’s too easy to blame others for problems that arise without taking a good look at our selves.

Heres a playlist that outlines My Love life and relationship patterns. If you can relate to this currently you may be in trouble, but I’m here to tell you it does get better. (more…)

We’re hurting our daughters!!!

This topic has been something that has been heavy on my heart for so long, and I wanted to write a post about it because it needs to be said.  I want to start off by saying that I love my mother dearly, growing up it was just her and I and I know she did the best she could. When we’re younger we think of growing up as something that happens when we are a certain age, and one day we have it all figured out. (more…)

Thought it was a drought (13 months without sex)

So I’m going to start off by saying that I am a free spirit, I don’t  belive in conforming to societies expectation of how a women should carry themselves sexually. I try not to judge other women, period, and who you decide to give the yams to for damn sure isn’t any of my business. I had recently watched the Netflix series “She’s gotta have it” and I thought to myself  “I see nothing wrong with it” she was honest with all 3 of them.The only thing that I didn’t agree with is that one of the men she dated were married.  When I watched this show I was in a very unique point in my life. I had just come off of a 13 month sexual hiatus. (more…)