Birthday Reflections

This is the first year I can honestly say I feel like a grown woman. 

The growth I made this year was phenomenal and for the first time in a while so feel proud of where I am and who I’m becoming. What better day to share my growth with you than my birthday.


This year….

I decided I wanted to stay on the west coast. This was a desicion I was going back and forth with for a while. I was struggling with missing the people I love and the things I knew, but I am finally comming into my own here in Az.

I learned some big financial lessons that ended up making me stronger this year.

I made peace with the fact that it’s ok to cut people off with no explanations needed

I found two things that I genuinely love to do, separate from my child.

I am ok with not having the last word and holding my tongue at times to avoid conflict.

I got rid of my lip peircing. ( truly the end of an era)

Most days I’m on time for work (still working on being on time for everything else)

I let go of the immature barriers and ideals that I created for my relationships.

I figured out what I want to do for a living. 

I started my blog and finally found my niche (it literally took me all year but I found it)



With the anniversary of just a couple days away, I wanted to let you know that have some changes in store, and that I will be shifting my focus a bit. Thank you all for subscribing and engaging with me over the past year while I found my way. Every like, share, and comment was more appreciated that you will ever know.

Stay tuned for an announcement about the changes ahead.

xoxoxo -Trapricorn

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