5 beauty essentials make me look like I have it together.

One of my most constant struggles is trying to be a mom and still look good.  I developed a system that creates the illusion that I’m more put together than I actually am. Most mornings I am a disaster and, I wish I could blame it all on being a mom and having a million things to do, but the truth is I am just not a morning person. On the average morning I typically run so late, I get to a point where I just slow down and accept it. Honestly being late doesn’t  bother me, and if it wasn’t for the fear of losing my job and the image I get of me and Jay running behind some bus like Will and Jaden Smith in the Pursuit of Happiness I would do nothing to change it. Since I rather not be on the streets, here are a few things that keep me looking like I have it semi together in a reasonalble amount of time.


I used to try my best to hide the fact that I was a member of the underground wig society, but now in my 28th year I really could care less. Please understand that under this precision cut bob, there is a set of Meek Mill braids waiting to catch a breath of fresh air once I get home and hang this wig on the door knob, and I do not care what anyone thinks about it. Its more than likely that your most admired hairstyle on your favorite celebrity is a wig. Wigs allow you to go from a short pixie cut one day to long and straight with bangs the next. Because you just put it on and go you don’t have to worry about doing your hair in the morning.

Money wise, wigs are a good move as well. You don’t have to purchase and overly expensive unit to get good quality. I like Bobbi Boss human hair wigs that typically range in price from $100- $300. A one-time purchase of one of these units will replace multiple visits to the hair salon, However, I am also not above a good synthetic curly half wig. you can find cute half wigs for as cheap as $15.

Wearing a wig does not mean you’re bald underneath, and if you are nervous about looking like Cleo from set if off in front of your man, I would suggest braiding your hair in 6-8 single braids and placing a wig cap over them. When you get home, remove the wig, undo your braids any wear your natural hair in a cute messy style. I love my natural hair but wigs are a fun way to explore different styles while protecting it and saving me time in the morning.

DIY Individual Lashes

I just feel like lashes do wonders for my face. My morning make up routine can really fluctuate from day-to-day. Some mornings I will have time for a full beat and other mornings, i’m putting on concealer at a red light. I have never mastered the art of properly applying strip lashes and rather than have them fall off my face half way through the day, I use individual lash flare kits that I purchase from the beauty supply store.  I also like the fact that if applied correctly they can last up to 2 weeks, which means they are another morning time saver. If you slack on the makeup, or go completely bare-faced, lashes give the illusion that you are more done up than you actually are.  Now if you have it like that, and can afford to go to a professional, by all means do so.  I just found a more affordable way to get my desired lash look.    

A basic concealer and powder situation

To conceal my under- eye area I use LA girl concealer in the color beautiful bronze.  For my everyday look I pair that with Cover Girl (Queen collection) pressed powder, in the color medium deep.

Lip Gloss

This one is self-explanatory. I’m all for a matte lip when my face is beat, but a glossy lip added to a bare face keeps me from looking dry. Before I apply lip gloss I always start the day with a lip blam. I love Caramex lip balm and cannot go a day without using it. You want to moisturize your lips prior to putting on any lipstick or lip gloss so that the product can be easily applied, You don’t want that spreading cold butter on hard toast effect.

Coconut oil

I use coconut oil on my skin for a natural glow and all day moisture, and in my natural hair to keep it healthy and soft.  This is definitely one product that I cannot live with out. Living in Arizona can dry your skin and hair out severely, its vital that you incorporate moisturizing in your everyday routine. I prefer to use organic refined coconut oil. I typically purchase from Trader Joes, but there are a lot of other places you can pick it up. I have been able to find it at Home goods and Ross (But, I mean what can’t you find at Ross)

These  things alone really keep me from looking dry AF. Now of course on a good day there’s more that goes into my morning routine, provided I woke up on time, but  these staples get me by if I didn’t. In 2018 I have decided to make a valid effort to wake up earlier. Each week day I have been pushing myself to wake up at 5 AM so Jay and I feel less rushed. It’s surprising how different your morning can be when you’re not running around like a maniac and stressing your kids out. I also developed a cool method to keep Jay on task, but I’ll talk about that in a later post.

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