2 Beauty Finds from my Marshalls’s Hall.

This is my first post about products from my hauls and I’m so excited!!

Going forward I will be keeping up with post on my instagram page @trapricornn and you will always be able to come to the web site for a detailed description of that days products.  This week I got just got my feet wet and tried to post as many finds as possible.

Since I neglected the blog this week, I’m going to discuss two beauty finds not yet mentioned on the Instagram page.

I held off on posting these mainly because I was trying the products for the first time and I wanted to make sure they agreed with my skin. It’s been a week and I have not had any negative reactions. My face is super sensitive so if I can use a product with out issue, I have no problem telling others about it.

Pearlessence Rose water Hydrating facial MistCCA5F6E3-BF7A-40A7-A08F-830BBC8CE67D.jpeg

I found this facial mist at Marshall’s for 7.99 and honestly I am ready to make it a permanent part of my daily skin care routine. It really calms my skin down. It has rose hip oil, aloe and coconut water in it and does exactly what it says on the bottle…  hydrates TF out of my skin! The good thing about it is it can be sprayed on a bare face as well as on top of your make up. So it works perfectly to perk my face up when it’s looking dry after a long day . Finding this product alone made me feel like I won. I spray this on my face and instantly feel rich !

The Herbiarie Vit-C Daily Face Serum

Ive been told that vitamin C is good for the face and so far, I would have to agree. I’m not going to lie to you, prior to using this product I did not have any big problem areas on my face and I was looking for something to maintain my skin more than anything. Since using this serum I will say that I have noticed that the dark circles under my eyes have faded and that my skin looks more glowey on its own.

I can also feel a difference because my face feels baby soft all day. I like the fact that I can skip my moisturizer before bed if I apply this product to a freshly washed face. The only thing I don’t like is, it does take a minute or so to dry and leaves my face feeling somewhat sticky until it has dried completely . At only $5.99 I still think it’s well worth the money

Personally I do get a little hesitant with trying beauty products from brands I never heard of, mainly because of my skin sensitivity. I chose only products with mainly natural ingredients and will be sharing more in the in the future Please feel free to suggest products you have seen at Marshall’s that you would like me to review as well.

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